Haha, that quote makes me giggle! Every Sunday I try to get my food prep done. If I don’t do it, I end up eating whatever comes in my eyesight once I get hungry. I’m not doing the whole meal prep thing, but have at least two choices of each food group in my fridge. That way I can easily put a healthy lunch together on a busy day. I encourage all my clients to get their food prep done on the weekends, because if you have healthy food in you fridge, you eat it and keep the pounds off. 

1. Protein (boiled eggs, lentiles or grilled chicken)
2. Whole Grain (Brown rice, quinoa or oatmeal)
3. Fruits (all kind of berries and cut up pineapple)
4. Veggies (steamed broccoli, cut up peppers and boiled sweet potato)