The struggle is real, most of us gain weight over the winter. It differs from person to person, but research shows the average weight gain to be five to seven pounds. The simple reason is that we eat more and move less. We are stuck in the house, indulging in our “comfort” food, and the snow makes it difficult to go for the daily walk. Put an end to it, and with spring just around the corner, lose the extra weight in the couple next weeks.

?️‍♀️ Start a regular exercise routine.
Make a weekly workout schedule and stick with it. It’s very tempting to relax on the sofa and watch Netflix after a long day at work, that’s why I recommend exercising first thing in the mornings. Prepare your gym bag or set up a workout area the evening before to avaid any distractions in the morning. If necessary, wake up earlier than usual. Working out early sets a good intention for the day and makes you more aware of your daily eating habits.

? Stop after dinner snacking.
If you are still hungry after dinner, eat more throughout the day. Late night snacking is asking for weight gain because the body is getting ready to rest and restore. During the day, when we are more active, the metabolism is turned on high and energy is processed more efficiently.

?Drink more water.
It’s very common to drink less water in the winter because we don’t sweat or feel overheated. But the body is 55- 60% water and in order to function properly, including eliminating body waste, it needs to be replenished daily. Rule of thumb: Drink half of your bodyweight in ounces.