Big shout out to my client and friend, Judy Lederer!

Judy joined my group fitness class over seven years ago when she entered her 60’s. We had class twice a week and stopped about two years ago because of time issues.

Then Judy signed up for 1-on-1 personal training sessions with me. She also went swimming every morning and did water aerobics. Unfortunately, the pool closed because of COVID-19, and we stopped training until June 2020.

Judy started walking daily during quarantine and volunteered at a food shelter, which is a very physical task. Furthermore, she paid more attention to her diet. One example is cutting out simple carbs for most of her meals while adding more veggies and fruits. She is also a passionate baker but watches her “cake” size.

The result of her small changes is that she lost over 10 lbs. Isn’t that amazing? She feels so much better in her body and has way more energy.

Now that she knows that consistency works, she is excited to continue her healthy lifestyle.

Quote from Judy: “Working out always makes me feel better, physically, and mentally. I prefer doing it in the morning because it shapes my day, and I know I got it done.”

Ladies – be like Judy and trust the process. Do not let age hold you back from getting fit and feeling good in your body again. Being fit gives you freedom! Amen to that. 😊