We’re back home and a couple of pounds heavier. 😳

The food was amazing and always fresh, but we had way too much bread, cheese, dessert and wine.

It’s time to clean up our diet and instead of “eat less move more”, we decided for “eat MORE and move more”.

Volume eating is a game changer when it comes to losing weight and meeting your nutrition goals. It basically means that you eat more low energy dense foods like fruits and veggies. The reason they are low energy density is because they are made up of large amounts of water and fiber, which are both low in calories. This allows you to eat more of them and makes you feel fuller and more satisfied.

Craving pizza or other energy dense goodies? Add a big salad or bowl of steamed veggies to it and eat only 1/3 of your food of choice. That helps alleviate feelings of deprivation or other negative effects of dieting.

I’m a big veggie lover and can’t wait to dig into my #eattherainbow salad bowl.