Morning balancing practice. ???

Every step we take is a balancing act and it’s important to constantly work on our balance to stay safe and steady, especially when we get older. We lose our balance by not moving enough, muscle imbalance and weakness, concentration issues and our fluid intake, too much coffee or alcohol – also the day after – have a tremendous impact on our balance.

Yoga is very helpful with balancing poses and a grounding and accessible for all level one is tree pose or Vrksasana.

Here a tip for better balance: Think of the foot of the balancing leg as a tripod. Then in your mind connect the dots between the ball and the heal of your foot. Pull up your toes, or as it’s often referred to keep“active feet” and shift your body weight with focus on your heel. You should feel immediately more stable. While you do that activate your quadriceps and hamstring muscles, (front and back of thighs). But be careful not to overextend your knee because that can strain your ligaments.
Once you know how to shift your weight in the tripod pose, you don’t need to lift your toes anymore. But it’s a very helpful cue at the beginning, especially if you tend to clench your toes when balancing.

Give it a try next time you do a balancing pose and leave me a feedback. I ♥️ to hear from you.

How to do tree pose:
?‍♀️ Stand tall with your palms together in front of your chest.
?‍♀️Shift your weight on one foot and raise the opposite knee.
?‍♀️Swing your knee out and place the sole of your foot against the inside or on top of the calf or your thigh. (Do not place it against your knee joint!)
?‍♀️ Engage the muscles of the standing leg and focus on one, not moving point, in front of you.
?‍♀️ When you feel stable, bring your hands into position. Either at your heart, overhead, straight out to your sides, or behind your head.

Namaste ?