Are you struggling to lose those stubborn pounds? Read on and find out how Veronica did it:

Shout out to Veronica who lost 4 lbs. in the last couple of weeks by cutting down on her bread and pasta consumption.
She’s a busy professional and struggled to lose 2-3 lbs., so she decided to stop eating bread and pasta during the week. Her normal routine was a piece of toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. She started planning her days better and now starts the day with a yogurt with fresh fruit and a fresh salad for lunch. Not only did she lose the weight, she also feels less bloated and has more energy.

Bread and pasta aren’t “bad” foods when eaten in moderation, after all they are around since early human societies and are a staple in cultures all over the world. But the food industry started engineering most foods and added sugar to items that didn’t used to be sweet, this is especially the case for white bread. That’s why you should always read the label and know what you put in your mouth.
Another factor to consider when eating bread or pasta is with what it’s served. A slice of whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato is a healthy snack, but not a sandwich with mayo, cold cuts and processed cheese. Same for pasta, watch out for store bought sugary tomato sauce and an overload on cheese. That’s what makes or breaks your diet.

Reach out if you are struggling with losing weight and are ready to make a change. I’m here to help.