One of the biggest challenges in losing weight is staying consistent with a healthy diet. Often times dieters assume that eating a healthy diet means cutting out as many calories as possible. But that approach usually doesn’t work because after a couple of days the feeling of deprivation sets in and then the temptation to jump into the deep end is high. Low-calorie diets temporarily lower your metabolism, and as a result, when you binge for a couple of days, you’ll gain more weight than you would have had you never dieted at all.
A great approach for a consistent healthy life-style is the 80/20 rule. This means that every day you should eat a well-balanced diet for 80% of the time and treat yourself to a treat of your choice 20%. As always moderation is key and it doesn’t mean that you can gorge on a whole box of cookies. The idea behind the 80/20 diet is that since you’re treating yourself occasionally, you don’t have the urge to binge anymore. And you don’t need hide from social life, spent time with your friends and have an occasional drink or nice meal. Life is fun, even if you live a healthy style.