Stay fit this summer with a Tabata workout!! Tabata is high intensity interval training protocol that can help to build strength, lose weight and build muscles. My clients sigh when they hear that it’s Tabata time because the workout is so intense.

I’m a certified Tabata instructor and incorporate it in a lot of my workouts, I especially recommend it while being in vacations. It only takes a short time, fires up the calorie burn, keeps you in shape and doesn’t require any equipment.

Tabata is a scientifically based protocol:
1. Timing:
– Work out hard for 20 sec.
– Rest for 10 sec.
– Complete 8 rounds.

2. Exercise selection:
– One exercise that works your large
muscle groups for all 8 rounds!

I see people getting it wrong all the time. If you use the timing of 8 rounds for 20 sec. and change up the exercises, it’s not Tabata. It’s a great HIIT workout, but you won’t get the same burn as with a Tabata workout.

Example of a quick Tabata workout on the go:

Start with a 3-5 min warm up that utilizes full range of movement and is the introduction for the exercises to come.
1st set of Tabata: Push-ups
1 min break
2nd set of Tabata: Squat jumps
2 min stretch

Or check out my video for more effective exercises. Have fun and feel the ???.