Do you want to change your life-style in 2018? Don’t let the long list of things that you want to change overwhelm you. If it looks overwhelming it probably is and we tend to go into shutdown mode, going into the complete opposite direction from our goals. Start with small change. Small change is still change and any step in the right direction gets you one step closer to your goals. Decide what works for you, once you made it a habit, move on the next step.
Here some small step ideas on how to cut calories:

– Choose olive oil-based dressings instead of creamy ones
– Choose mustard over mayonnaise on sandwiches
(1 tbsp of mayo can have over 50 calories!)
– Choose the grilled fish or chicken over fried options
– Choose whole-wheat or rye instead of white bread
– Spice your tea or coffee with cinnamon, which helps stabilize
blood sugar and is a good source of vitamin K and iron.
– Choose thin pizza crust instead of deep-dish
– Do not eat anything out of a bag or container. Place the food
on a bowl so you see precisely how much you’re eating.
– Stay away from anything that says “supersize”, “mega”,
“biggie” or “jumbo”
– Choose a low-calorie meal starter, such as a salad or soup to
to help prevent overeating later in the meal.
– Beware of the breadbasket in restaurants. One slice of white
bread with butter is 116 calories – and the bread may make
you hungrier. The carbohydrate in it may trigger insulin
production which increases hunger.
And the list goes on and on. One step at the time. Let’s talk about which small steps you can take to reach your goals.