Just roll with it!

When it comes to at-home equipment, the stability ball is my favorite choice. It engages all muscles, challenges coordination, strengthens the core and … is a lot of fun!! 😊

Furthermore, it is very affordable and easy to store. But keep an eye on the size of ball size, it’s important to find the right fit to make the workout effective.

Here a guide to choose the right exercise ball:
Height: 4’6”- 5” – ball size: 45 cm
Height: 5’1” – 5’7” – ball size: 55 cm
Height: 5’8’ – 6’2” – ball size: 65 cm

Once you got the ball blown up, (I suggest an electrical pump), start by sitting on top of it and bouncing up and down. Do some wall squats with the ball against your back and get comfortable with your new favorite toy.

Do 3- 4 rounds of these exercises for a strong core:
πŸ‘ 20 x alternating deadbug
πŸ‘ 20 x frog lifts
πŸ‘ 20 x catch & throw
πŸ‘ 20 x bridge

Music: Summer feelings by Lennon Stella & Charlie Puth