The power of a Good Night’s Sleep!

Quality sleep is essential for good health AND your weight loss goals.
Did you ever notice that after a short nights sleep, you feel hungry all day and have a craving for simple carbs?

It’s not in your imagination – the reason are your hormones, especially the hormones with the name Ghrelin and Leptin. They work together to either suppress or stimulate hunger.

Leptin is the satiety hormone. Its main objective is to keep your body at a healthy weight. In a well-functioning body excess fat will make leptin, and leptin will send a message to the brain to suppress hunger and use the excess fat as energy.

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone. It sends hunger cues to the brain when your stomach is empty, prompting you to ingest food and store fat to then be turned into energy.

To bring both hormones into balance you need your beauty sleep. Short sleep duration is associated with reduced leptin, elevated ghrelin and increased body fat.