Ever heard of Dormant Butt Syndrome (scientifically referred to as “office ass”)? Well, it’s a real thing.

Our bodies are made to move; if we don’t move, we feel aches and pains.

Low back pain is a common side effect of a sedentary lifestyle. It’s usually caused by sitting on your butt for too long; your glute muscles fall asleep and don’t know what to do when you get up. Those muscles are designed to be absorbing the impact of every step you take. If that doesn’t happen, it can adversely affect your hips, knees, and ankles.

Don’t let it go that far. Make it a habit to get off your chair more often. Wake up your glutes with a couple of good squeezes each time you get up. Putt your hands on your cheeks and connect with your butt. Once you got it activated, start with 12 reps each of the following exercises.

– Step-ups or toe taps, depending on the stability of the chair
– Donkey kicks
– Squats (barely touch the seat)
– Glute bridge with feet on the chair
– Good mornings

Movement is healthy – you will soon notice results in how you feel.

Good luck! ?