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Enjoy all training sessions in the privacy of your own home or in my serene, professional studio.


Get your heart rate up, burn calories and release the feel good hormones.


Lift weights, tone and strengthen, feel and look good.


Relax your mind and stretch your muscles.

Lose Weight

I show you how!

Build Muscles

I keep you in form!

Move Better

I help you touch your toes!

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To help you reach your fitness goals and feel & look your best.
I offer an individualized fitness program to fit your lifestyle and schedule.

Virtual Workout

$24.99/30 min
  • Personalized Workout Routines
  • Diet & Fitness Coaching & Support
  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscle
  • Move Better
  • Online Support

Impact Program


  • 4 In-Person Sessions per Month
  • Personalized Workout Routines
  • Diet & Fitness Coaching & Support
  • Sessions In Your Home Or My Studio
  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscle
  • Move Better
  • Online Support

Results Program


  • 8 In-Person Sessions per Month
  • Personalized Workout Routines
  • Diet & Fitness Coaching & Support
  • Sessions In Your Home Or My Studio
  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscle
  • Move Better
  • Online Support

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Try my free consultation and 30 min workout to see if this is a good fit for you!

What MY CLIENTS Are Saying

I wish I could give her 10 stars! Pascale is absolutely wonderful.

I used to hate working out but she motivates me and keeps me challenged. I have been working out with her since March and no two work outs have ever been the same. I have had problems with my shins while running and Pascale took the time to work on my form. I am now able to run without the pain.

So lucky to have found her!!!!!

Veronica D

My weekly sessions with Pascale have easily become the most important and influential part of my week. She has become a much-needed support and voice of wisdom as I struggle to balance work and small kids. I’ve been amazed at how perfectly I can feel each muscle after our sessions, and I’m more flexible and significantly stronger. There’s an energy and serenity in her private studio that makes it a safe place to go through the ups and downs involved with setting and achieving new goals. Pascale is so easy to talk to and incredibly knowledgeable about fitness, and never judgmental. She’s actually one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met! Of all the various things I’ve invested either time or money into as a way to be healthier or find more balance in life, I can easily say these sessions are by far the most impactful and rewarding… it’s been an invaluable experience.
Lara Z

Pascale is wonderful. Very professional, always comes with a plan. She adjusts the workouts to fit you which only makes me want to work harder. Pascale keeps me honest and on track with eating healthy meals. Strong focus on overall long term success, it’s a great feeling. Truly feel like it’s a team effort. She even takes the time to check in on me on days we aren’t training. Pascale is someone who really cares and is knowledgeable.

At the end of each season we do a little yoga and closes with positive thoughts and intentions. I’ve worked with a few different trainers but Pascale has a way of adapting each session where she is truly motivating. Feel lucky to get to work with her.

Norma M

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I had the good fortune to be ready when Pascale appeared. After recovering from a mildly herniated disc in my lower back, I signed up for a small group training class that Pascale was giving through the town. I was a little nervous, but knew I had to do something to prevent another back injury. My experience with Pascale has been just what I needed. Working with each of us in the class, she knows when to challenge us to keep us getting ever stronger. After nearly three years, I continue to be impressed by the time and effort with which Pascale prepares every class. We have worked with almost every kind of fitness equipment you can imagine from stability balls to TRX to free weights and even a little boxing. Pascale ensures that each of us feels successful in realizing our personal best. I am far stronger and healthier for working with Pascale, and I highly recommend her for anyone at any stage of their fitness journey.

Kathy T

When it comes to working with a Personal Trainer, Pascale has it all. She is a tremendous motivator, evidenced by the running groups she has put together. When training with someone, she works at their level with the goal being to encourage them to continuously strive to reach their potential. In small group training, she is constantly assessing where each individual is, and adjusting the training as needed. She has a very positive influence on people she interacts with. She is upbeat and encouraging. She does not hold back with her clients, giving 100 %. Recently, on a conditioning day for a client who was preparing to hike Kilimanjaro, she hiked 10 miles in the cold, pouring rain. Cancelling was not an option.

Wendy F

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do your workouts, I am not in very good shape?
Yes, the beauty of my workout program is that it’s designed for you, and no one else. We will begin at your level and move forward from there.
I’m a firm believer that the foundation of a well rounded fitness routine contains a cardiovascular, strength and flexibility component and, according to your goals, I include them in all of your workouts. I choose exercises that are functional in nature and train for movement.
My coaching style depends on you! Is it very important to me to discuss your goals and to set effective SMART goals.  I incorporate mind-body elements in every part of the training. The body and mind work together and setting goals creates a mind ready for success. My coaching style is a 3-step approach: 1) behavorial change, 2) nutritional support and 3) the right exercise selection for your fitness advancement.
When can i expect to see results?
Give yourself 4-6 weeks of consistent workouts to see physiological changes. But after just 1 session you’ll already feel better in your body.
DO YOU SELL weight loss Products?
I sell the magic pill! I coach you how to take responsibility for your body by eating a well balanced diet and make being active part of your life-style. I don’t sell any powders or bars because I don’t believe that that’s a long term solution for a healthy weight.
Each session is 45 minutes long. I start on time and end on time.
What is your cancellation policy?
Please notify me 12 hour in advance of the scheduled workout if you have to cancel. If I have not been notified before the designated time, you will be billed for your absence. (with the exception of weather conditions)

Don't Be Shy

If I didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.