I found this super easy recipe for a no bake, low carb cheesecake on www.beautybites.com, and wow – it’s good!! I made a couple of jars and its my breakfast-on-the go for the week.

2 cups cottage cheese
2 tbsp vanilla
¼ cup almonds
¼ cup walnuts
¼ cup oats
½ tsp cinnamon
mixed berries, frozen or fresh
stevia to taste

1. Using a hand blender combine cottage cheese, vanilla and sweetener, blend until smooth.
2. Grind oats and nuts in a food processor or a nut-grinder. Add some cinnamon if you want.
3. Spread the oat and nut mixture in a large glass container that you can put in the freezer/fridge. Press the mixture down, so that it starts to look like a crust.
4. Then layer the cottage cheese filling and spread well.
5. Top with berries of your liking.