“Mindfulness can be summed up in two words, pay attention. Once you notice what you are doing, you have the power to change it.” – Michelle Burford

2020 is almost here, and it’s a great time to reflect on 2019; its the best time to pause for a moment and reflect on the good and bad of the old year. I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. The way I choose to approach it is that every single day offers an opportunity for a fresh start.

One thing I know I could have done better last year is spending LESS time on social media. Creating posts or merely checking out other accounts can be very time-consuming. I could have used that time for more in-depth interactions with real people, reading a few more books, cooking more, loving more, shutting off the phone, and going to bed earlier.

Embrace each day knowing that now – at this (every) moment – I’ll try to do better. I won’t be posting as much in the new year, but work to create better quality content with real healthy living advice. I value your time and want to make it worthwhile.

Thanks for your continued support, and here’s to a fabulous New Year! ?