Some days it’s easy to get up and to work-out, but on others not so much. In order to stick with a consistent workout routine try any or all of these 5 steps to get your daily motivation on.
1. Be prepared
Have a plan on which days you want to work out and what kind of workout you want to do. It doesn’t need to be specific, but have basic idea so that when you wake up in the mornings you know what you have to do.
2. Get started
Put on your workout clothes and just show up. Once your body starts moving and releases the endorphins you start enjoying your workout. Promised!
3. Start small
Start with a small goal. If you are beginner reserve 20 minutes in the day for your workout. Often, when we set our goals too high, like working out every day for an hour, we feel so overwhelmed that we end up doing nothing.
4. Play music
Turn on your favorite playlist and let the beat put you “in the zone”. It always works!
5. Mix it up
Nothing worse than doing the same workout over and over. Beat exercise boredom and find new ways to get moving. Go for a hike, attend a fitness class or …hire a personal trainer