Wake up and connect! ?

Do you have low back pain or joint pains when you wake up? They often occur due to an increase of fluid in the spinal discs and joints, or simply because the muscles relax, and the blood flow decreases while sleeping.

A quick morning stretch routine can help to relieve these pains. Wake up 5 min earlier, and your body will thank you all day.

Stretching helps:
– relieve aches and pains
– increase the oxygen flow to the brain and boost good mood
– increase blood flow to the muscles supporting good posture
– de-stress by taking time for self-care
– increase mobility throughout the day

Here are some stretches that will get your day off to a great start; hold each for at least 30 seconds:

– Legs up with ankle stretches (stretches hamstrings, lower back and supports circulation)
– Happy baby pose (opens the hip, releases tension in the spine and sacrum)
– Figure 4 stretch R/L (relieves lower back pain and can help with sciatica)
– Knee to chest and rock from side to side (relieves lower back pain and massages abdominal organs)
– Cat/cow pose (stretches the hips, abdomen, and back)
– Child pose (elongates the lower back and calms the mind)

Stretch it all out and feel fantastic! ?