Do your neck and lower back hurt after a long day at the office? Try these four exercises to relieve the pain and strengthen your spine.
?‍♀️ Cat/Cow pose is a combination of flexion and extension of the spine and helps to improve posture. It’s a very calming pose and helps to relieve back pain.
– Start on all fours with hands directly below the shoulders, and knees below the hips.
– Inhale and drop your belly toward the floor, lift your gaze and tailbone toward the sky.
– Exhale, tuck your chin towards your chest and lift your midback toward the sky.
– Try at least six rounds.
?‍♀️ Bird/Dog is a core exercise and helps to improve lower back strength and balance.
– Start on all fours with a neutral spine (same set up like cat/cow)
– Extend your left leg and right arm at the same time. Note: Keep your abs engaged and don’t move your torso, only your arm and leg are moving.
– Hold for a couple of seconds, then bring your leg and arm back to the floor. Continue with right leg and left arm.
– Try at least six rounds, alternating
?‍♀️Bridge with arm extension opens your hip joints and loosen your upper back and shoulders.
– Lie on your back with arms on the floor, bent your knees with feet flat on the floor.
– Lift your hips off the floor, extend your right arm up an across your body, rolling your shoulders to the left.
– Bring your arm back on the floor while lowering your hip. Then repeat with your left arm.
– Try at least eight rounds, alternating
?‍♀️ Spine twist stretches and lengthens the spinal muscles and opens the shoulders. It can either be done as stretch for about 30 sec., dropping the knees to one side and actively pressing the opposing shoulder to the mat, or as a flowing movement.
– Lie on your back and bring your arms out like a T.
– Lift your knees over your hips, keep your knees together and slowly move your legs from left to right and right to left.
– Try at least eight rounds, alternating.