Nobody wants it, and once you reached your forties, it accumulates around your waistline way faster than when you were in your twenties. That’s mainly due to hormone changes, the decline in muscle mass (fat burns fewer calories than muscles), and lifestyle changes.
Now with summer here, you might be even more self-conscious about it. But there is more to worry about belly fat than how you look at the beach.
A growing waistline can present serious health problems. The expanding spare tire represents an increase in visceral fat, the type of fat that encases your organs. That is a decisive risk factor for heart disease (especially for women!), type 2 diabetes, and even some cancers.
The best way to know if you must slim down is by calculating your waist-to-hip ratio!
Here’s how:
Stand up straight and measure the narrowest part of your waist (usually that’s right about the navel) and the widest part of your hip. Then divide the waist circumference but the hip circumference: A healthy ratio for women is 0.85 and for men 0.9.
If your measurement comes up higher or you feel you need to lose weight take a closer look at your lifestyle:
🤔Are you moving enough?
🤔 Re-think your drinking habits. Beer by the beach or cocktails for happy hours crank up a lot of calories.
🤔 Do you get your beauty sleep?
🤔 Too many BBQs on the weekend?
🤔 Do you drink enough water?
Getting older makes it harder to keep the weight off, but you can do it with a bit of extra effort.
Aging is not an excuse!