HAPPY NEW YEAR! Don’t know where to start with your New Year’s fitness resolutions? Book a free consultation with me and let’s find out what’s right for you. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when selecting fitness options, whether it’s big box or boutique gyms or specialized small group classes. I offer unique one-on-one personal training specifically tailored to your goals. You’ll get 100% attention from me, and the sessions are held in the privacy of my studio or your home. Furthermore, you’ll get pro access to my app that will support you on the days we don’t meet. I work only with women because I can better relate to their needs. Being forty-eight years old, a single mom during the week, and working full-time as a trainer helps me understand that living a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. In our fun and fast-paced sessions, I’ll teach you how to work exercise into your busy schedule. I’ll explain, demonstrate, and then guide you through the movements, modifying them to your level. Let’s sit down and talk about your fitness goals. There is no obligation after the consultation, and I’m not pitching any sales deals. My training philosophy is proven to work, and the results are real. Let 2019 be your year of optimal health.