Besides New Year’s, there is probably no other time of the year that inspires us to make a fresh start as springtime does. Follow your inspiration and revitalize and de-clutter your house and mind. Research shows that mothers who described their homes as ‘messy’ and ‘cluttered’ also had higher levels of stress hormones by evening. * Stress is one of the culprits for belly fat. Our bodies produce cortisol, the stress hormone, when we feel under pressure. Constantly high levels of cortisol can increase the amount of visceral fat, aka belly fat. Furthermore, clutter often represents a loss of control, especially in the kitchen. It prevents us from cooking healthy food and often leads to overeating.
My kitchen is very organized, so I focused on cleaning up my messy bathroom closet and it felt therapeutically. Excuses pile up like the clutter around us, may it be to get fit and healthy or read a challenging book. Use the fresh spring breeze, give up your excuse and just do it. ?

*Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century, July 2012