Showing off my new sneakers and can’t wait to break them in. As much as I loved my old ones, they showed signs of wear and tear and it was time to say good-bye. It’s crucial to change your athletic shoes when you are walking or running consistently. Worn out shoes can lead to injuries because they no longer provide good support or cushioning. If you want to keep moving this summer, check your sneakers for the following signs:

Generally rule for runners is that they should be replaced every 300-500 month. If you are a walker and walk around 30 min. a day replace them every 6 month, and if you walk around 60 min. a day every 6 month.

Wear and tear:
– The uppers are broken down around the ankle.
– The heal is worn down more on one side then the other.
– Toes show through the toe box.
– You get blisters or your foot starts aching.

Listen to your body and and if walking gets painful, it’s time for new sneakers.