The other day I heard this ad on the radio for a weight loss shake that promised a weight loss of about 40 lbs. in 6 weeks. Then the other day, someone told me that last year around this time, she lost weight by only eating broth for a month. Now she wants to do it again because she gained it all back.

I’m sure most of us tried some kind of extreme diet and the weight flew off while we did it. But, if you are thinking about doing it again because you gained the weight back, then the diet DID NOT work. DO NOT do it again because you’ll get the same results. With each new attempt you are very likely to even gain more weight Low-calorie diets temporarily lower your metabolism, and as a result, when you are back to your regular life-style you’ll gain more than you would have, had you never dieted at all. Stop the yo-yo dieting cycle and start a different and sustainable approach.
Eat a well balanced diet and start a regular exercise program. A healthy rule for weight loss is about 1-2 lbs a week. There is no short cut to weight loss, but if you take the sane approach the weight will stay off forever.