HOW TO FIGHT BELLY FAT. It seems inevitable. As we age, we develop muffin tops, love handles, and spare tires, especially in women over forty. But it’s not just age that contributes to this. Yo-yo dieting, indulging in processed carbs, and a lack of exercise are all factors. And if you thought starving yourself might help, extreme calorie-restricted diets and skipping meals just put the body under stress and make it think it’s in a famine. As a result, it stores energy and keeps insulin levels high. The same thing happens when we eat too many processed carbs: insulin levels are kept high in order to lower blood sugar. So what can we do? Muscles use sugar as energy, so exercise keeps the body insulin sensitive. This prevents those extra calories from being shuttled to fat cells, which, when full can spread to other areas of the body. But there’s a way to stop the process:

* eat a well-balanced, fiber-rich diet
* cut down on sugar
* drink less alcohol
* work out regularly
* sleep 6-8 hours every night
* reduce stress levels
* live a healthy lifestyle and not a short-term diet