I know the holidays season is busy, but your own health should he a priority. A daily workout can help you to stay on track.

This workout doesn’t require any equipment and is an all-levels workout. Do it at the pace that works for you! Most of my workout videos are at home workouts and can be done by everybody. Please check out my videos and start the new year in great shape.
(I speed up the video to make it fit to the IG format and make it more enjoyable to watch.)

So, find an empty space and let’s get moving:
– 24 x plie squat with alternating heel lifts, double pulse
– 12 x plank walk out with forearm plank, plank jack, back to standing
– 24 x bicycle with alternating leg lift
– 12 x back extension with elbow to hip crunches
– 24 x plank with knee cross-over
– 12 x Kurzi with double pulse