Are you struggling to lose weight? If so, take a closer look at your sleeping routine.
Hitting the sheets early and getting 7-9 hours of good sleep is an important part of losing and keeping the weight off.

The less you sleep, the more weight you gain. And here’s the catch, the more you weight, the less you sleep.

I know it takes some time to establish a routine and my rule during the week is: ”Everything that happens after 9 pm is a sin”. What happens if I stay up late is that I start snacking, so I make a point to go to bed early. Eating late can lead to acid reflux and that will bother you at night and day.

Lack of sleep dulls the brains frontal lope which is responsible for decision making and impulse control. Not only is your brain function suppressed when you’re tired, also your hormones are out of balance. Chronic tiredness increases the amount of the hunger hormone ghrelin which makes you feel hungrier. On the other hand, it reduces the amount of the hormone leptin which makes you feel full when you eat. This hormonal imbalance is a recipe for rapid weight gain.

Here some strategies to help you to get your ?‘s in:

? Make your bed every morning so it’s inviting when you go to bed.
? Turn off the TV and any screens one hour before you plan to go to bed.
? Stop eating and only drink water two hours before you go to bed.
? Start reading a book.
? Listen to soothing music or a nighttime meditation. Insight timer is a great app for that!
? Keep your bedroom dark and cool. Darkness helps your body to release the natural sleep hormone melatonin, while light suppresses it.
? Write a journal or a to-do list if you have a lot on your mind.
? Establish a nightly routine, even if it means getting up early on the weekends.
?Be physically active for at least 30 min. a day, that will help your body to feel tired at the end of the day.