Chilly mornings in Connecticut and I’m glad I got Elle; she always gets me out and going.

I took a break from my fit life and had way too much wine and cheese last week. I feel it now! It’s hard to get back on track after the holidays.

Here five tips to head back in the right direction:

👍 Get active in the mornings!
Be active for at least 30 minutes daily. Morning workouts lift your spirits and set a good intention for the day, In the evening, many people feel tired and it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to exercise.

👍 Start out slow!
Don’t jump into a new fitness routine. Start at your level and slowly work your way up. That helps to prevent injury which can put a hold on your fitness routine.

👍 Drink more water!
This the No.1 health advice. The reason is because it works! Being hydrated gives you energy, supports your digestion, helps muscles and joints work better and cleanses your body. There’s no need to invest in expensive detox drink, keep it simple and drink your water! (Half your bodyweight in ounces/daily)

👍Eat more responsible!
You’re responsible for what you put on your fork. Limit processed food, refined carbs and add a vegetable to every meal. They are low in calories and fill up your plate.

👍Set an achievable goal
Be realistic about your expectations. Don’t plan on losing 10 lbs in two weeks, a realistic goal is one or two pounds per week. Or set a fitness goal; like walking a certain amount of steps daily. Document your goals and progress, it’s easier to manage what you measure.