Give yourself some TLC today with a selfmassage.

Foam rolling can be the go-to solution to relieve muscle aches and lower back pain, especially after a long day looking sitting at a desk.

The point of rolling is to increase circulation, blood flow, range of motion and relax the fascia Fascia is a connective tissue and surrounds body parts from organs to muscles to blood vessels. It’s like a spider web and designed to stretch as we move. If we do not move enough it gets tight which can lead to muscles pain, decreased range of motion and injury.
If you suffer from low back pain, focus on rolling the hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, quads and upper back with slow and mindful movements.

NEVER roll on the lumbar spine. Although that’s the location where it hurts, the discomfort might come from the hip. Everything in the body is interconnected, and a tight muscle in one area of the body can cause soreness and aching in another one. Rolling directly on the lumbar spine vertebraes is too much pressure and that will cause the spinal muscles to contract to protect the spine.

But it’s alright to roll out the upper back because the shoulder blades and rip cage protect the spine. That can be especially relieving for tight trapezius muscles after hunching forward all day.

Get your roller out of the closet and get rollin’. Your body will thank you!