Cardio lovers – if you are walking or running to lose weight, consider changing your routine!

Our bodies get easily adapted to doing the same routine and, over time, will use less energy if it’s always the same pace and mileage. Change it up with these two strategies:

FARTLEK: It’s a less formal way of incorporating faster bouts into your running or walking routine. For example, set yourself a goal of walking faster in between every second lamppost, or pick a landmark and walk/run fast until you get back to a regular pace. That said, set your goals before your run or walk (either time, distance, or speed) and then decide on your fartlek’s to keep it challenging.

INTERVALS: These are short and intense bursts followed by equal or longer slower bursts. For example, walk or run for 30 sec at a comfortable but challenging pace, then switch it to 60 sec of a recovering speed. Try to do that for at least 10 min on your daily walks. It really gives you that extra burn.

Being on the treadmill for 30 min every day, watching a show, might be therapeutically but doesn’t help with weight loss. So, crank up the music and start walking … FAST.