Ladies, as we age, maintaining muscle mass is key to our overall health. Start building your muscles; it’s ok to pick up those weights! ???

Once we reach our 40’s, bodies naturally begin going through significant change. In addition to metabolisms slowing, we experience loss of bone density, higher blood pressure, and hormone imbalance – to name a few. A regular strength training routine can help to make the transition easier.

Muscles are active tissue, and they burn calories; the more muscles you have, the higher your metabolism. And, the stronger your muscles, the stronger your bones. Commit to being strong as part of your active and healthy lifestyle.

If you need some help, I can help you with a personalized fitness routine that will get you in great shape. I’m 49 and know the challenges of that stage in life. You are only as old as you treat your body.

So ladies, pick up some weights – heavy ones – and start building muscles!