Did that ever happen to you? You weigh yourself in the morning, your weight is like you hoped for, and in the evening you gained a couple of pounds?
Don’t beat yourself up about it because it’s mostly water retention and food intake. Here are three, not so well known reasons, why your body retains water:

1. Diet
When you eat carbohydrates, your body turns most of the carbs into glucose and stores them in the liver. Glucose that is not used for immediate energy turns to glycogen and is stored in muscle tissue. That leads to water retention because for every 1 gram of glycogen your body stores 3 gram of water. The combination of glycogen and water can add some pounds on the scale. That’s why switching to low carb diet often leads to rapid weight loss. But it’s not fat you are losing, it’s the body using up stored glycogen for energy, which causes less water to be retained. On the scale it looks great but in reality you only lost water.

2 Exercise
Strength training causes micro tears in your muscles. That’s essentially how the muscle rebuilds itself in order to get stronger and more toned. The cells in your muscles retain water to speed up the repair and rebuilding process.

3. Hormones
Women usually experience a weight gain of 4-5 lbs the week before the period and it’s mainly due to low levels of the hormone progesterone. As a side effect, each cell in your body retains an extra microscopic drop of water, that’s when you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Usually you are back to your normal weight once the period starts.

Other causes for daily weight fluctuations are sodium intake, bowel movement, alcohol consumption, food & water intake, or heavy meals.