Celery move over, here comes the cucumber. ???

Let’s stop talking about the celery juice craze. It’s healthy but there are lots of other veggies that are good for you as well, like the cucumber. The green gourd is a powerhouse of many essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. It’s low in calories and has a high-water content which makes it a great food choice if you want to lose or maintain weight.

Try this chilled cucumber soup recipe for a refreshing and healthy dish in your fridge. It’s only 10 minutes of prep time and 5 ingredients.
Chilled cucumber soup:
4 Cucumbers
1 cup plain yogurt (approximately)
1 Tbsp fennel seeds
Fresh mint
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 cup water
Optional: Garlic and croutons

Peel and chop the cucumbers and scrape off the seeds. Blend everything in the blender, season and cool. If the texture is too thick, add more water. Enjoy! ?