No crunches abs workout to strengthen your entire mid-section. There’s more to a strong core than the good looks, it’s like the solid foundation of a house. It’s crucial for good posture, balance and prevents injuries, especially in the lower back. A solid core workout should be part of every exercise routine. Aim for 3-4 rounds and feel the burn.
?‍♀️ 12 x Bird Dog. R/L
?‍♀️ 16x Leg lifts: Make sure to brace your abs and press your lower back on the mat. If you have neck issues, interlock your fingers behind your head and press your head into hands.
?‍♀️ 10 x Downward dog to plank, pull your knee to your right elbow, then to your chest and then to your left elbow. Alternate R/L
?‍♀️ 20 sec. hold Back extension
?‍♀️ 40 sec. Mountain climber