Cellphone Plank Challenge! Who’s in?

This plank variation puts a new spin on working your core and it’s also more effective than just holding one for a certain amount of minutes. Thank you to @Jonathanrossfit who created it!!

Here is how it works: –
– Assume an elbow plank position, with feet slightly wider than normal. Hold your cellphone (or other similar object) in one hand, pass it around and place it on your low back.
– Return that elbow to the floor and then lift the other arm to retrieve your cellphone from your low back. Return that elbow to the floor and now repeat the movement in the opposite direction.
– Each time your cellphone returns to the floor in your hand, that is one rep (regardless of direction).

The Schedule: This challenge is designed to run for 30 days.
For the first five days, you will perform the exercise every day for five reps. For the subsequent five days, perform the exercise daily, adding five more reps for a total of 10. Every five days, add five more reps.
Days 1-5: 5 reps
Days 6-10: 10 reps
Days 11-15: 15 reps
Days 16-20: 20 reps
Days 21-25: 25 reps
Days 26-30: 30 reps

Join me and your core will thank you!!