Let’s talk lemons – especially lemon water. Do you do drink it?

I jump-start my day by drinking lemon water. It’s a habit I’ve had for a long time now, and I can swear by its benefits. My partner noted the other day that I’m rarely sick. I attribute at least some of this to my refreshing lemon water start; a growing body of research now suggests that I’m on to something.

Besides boosting the immune system, drinking lemon water in the mornings has a wide range of benefits:
– Helps with digestion.
– Wakes up the organs and flushes out toxins.
– Boosts energy and increases mood.
– Sets a good intention for the day ahead.

To make it easy, I usually set up my lemon water kit before I go to bed – with a plan to have it just before my coffee.

A few notes:
– I recommend using fresh fruit.
– I usually use ½ lemon per 8 oz glass.
– Lemon juice concentrate does not have the same benefits as fresh juice and contains sulfites which may cause allergic reactions.

One glass in the morning is a small habit that can have a significant impact on your entire day.

Drink up to good health – every morning! ?