What is better than being outside in the fresh air and having a great work-out! Hard to beat, right? There are actually a lot more benefits while training outside than getting sweaty.

  1. You exercise on an uneven terrain which requires more body control. In contrast to a flat indoor setting you need to activate more muscles and joints.
  2. You need to engage your mind to check your environment. In order not to trip over a stone or ran against a tree you have to stay concentrated and focused.
  3. It boosts your mood. Enjoying the positive energy from nature and breathing the fresh air is an instant good mood lifter. Especially on gray and rainy days you’ll be glad that you went outside.
  4. You “go green”. Outdoor training is not only environment friendly but you actually are in the “green” nature.
  5. There are endless exercise options without any equipment. You can go on a playground and swing on the monkey bars, lift logs in the woods or run up hill. There is no limit to creative and fun strength and cardio exercises once you made the step outside.

Have fun and get strong. That’s what it’s all about!