Are you an avid walker trying to lose weight? Did you know that wearing a weighted vest increases your calorie burn?

It’s a fact. A recent study shows that individuals wearing weighted vests were burning around 13% more calories versus individuals without added weight.??

Another benefit of a good weighted vest is that it improves your posture while walking. I recommend a vest that has the weights evenly distributed in the front and back.

DO NOT use hand or ankle weights to add more weight to your walks. I see it all the time on my hikes, people who are holding weights are shrugging their shoulders and swinging the weights That changes the natural gait, the upper body should be relaxed with arms loosely swinging by the side. Also stay away from ankle weights, they can be very harmful to your knees. Over time that can lead to muscle imbalance and injury.
Amp up your calorie burn, stay injury free and get a vest. ??