Amanda signed up with me at the end of May 2015. Her goal was to lose weight and to get fitter. We started meeting once a week and I designed a fun and diverse fitness program to keep her interested. Amanda started feeling better and stronger but didn’t lose any weight. So we decided to meet twice weekly and instead of a weight- loss goal we set a fitness goal. She always wanted to be able to do a free standing handstand and we made that her goal for Sept. 1. Furthermore we decided that I would take a pic of her doing the handstand so she can put it up on FB. We trained accordingly in the next weeks and Amanda practiced a handstand against the wall at home, every day for 10 minutes. And once Sept.1 came – she did it! She reached her goal and did a beautiful free standing handstand. Her daily practice and consistent workouts helped her to be confident and strong. Everything is possible if you put your mind behind it, stay consistent with your training and believe in yourself.