I am a certified Personal Trainer,
Health Coach, Weight Management,
Behavior Change and Functional Training Specialist.
My fitness journey started 13 years ago when I had the opportunity to trek the Himalayan Mountain Range.

While exploring the incredible beauty, I discovered my love for endurance activities and ran my first Marathon shortly after.

This experience taught me that if you believe in yourself and put your mind to it you can reach your most ambitious goal.

I strongly believe that all my clients can reach their fitness goals and it’s my passion to support them to be at their best.

I take the time to learn about my client’s needs and abilities before beginning any fitness program.

“Every person’s body is different and there is no one size fits all approach”

I have helped people of all ages, individually and in small group classes, with fitness goals ranging from getting in shape for a wedding or running a marathon.

I can help with long term weight managment through a balance of behavior strategies, exercise and nutrition.

Keeping myself educated with new fitness research, certifications and ideas in order to deliver the best personalized workout experience is very important to me.

Being fit & healthy is a life-style and it takes time to get there, but it is a very rewarding and fun journey.

Pascale is by far the best trainer I ever met. She works with my problems areas and really listens to my needs. She does routines that are fun and never boring. She taught me how to food prep for the week to be prepared to not grab the wrong foods. I’ve lost weight and I’m feeling more toned. She is full of energy and very positive. I would highly recommend her, you won’t regret it

Sylvie B.

Best trainer ever! Pascale keeps me motivated and checks in on me daily to make sure of what am doing when she’s not around. She tailors the workout to me and I always feel like I have worked out for two hours after our sessions.

She’s encouraging and is always offering suggestions of things for me to try and things to eat. I have lost a lot of weight under her tutelage. I now feel motivated to keep it moving every day even while on vacation.

Andrea T


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