Need to be more active while #isolating? Get creative at home.

This is a picture taken a couple of years ago. I’ve re-posted it because climbing stairs is a great way to burn some extra calories. Since our workout options are limited these days, we need to work with what we have.

Although I’ve got a pretty consistent regimen and I’m working out daily, I’ve still managed to gain a couple of pounds and now have to make an extra effort to get my steps in. These days we spend more time at home, and physical activities like going to the store, work or simply strolling through town to go out for dinner, are missing. Little movements add up, so when we can’t do them as much anymore, it’s essential to make a special effort to stay active.

Any extra pounds you gain now – especially when you are past your 40’s – will be extremely hard to lose. Keeping a healthy weight is vital for your mental and physical health.

If you have a few minutes, you can burn off 100 calories, get your heart pumping fast and regain at least a little of your missing activities. Here are five ways to torch 100 calories:

NOTE: Most estimates are for a person weighing approximately 130-150 pounds. If you’re heavier, you can shorten the duration, and if you are lighter, add a few minutes to ensure that you burn at least 100 calories.

1. Take the stairs. Stair climbing for 15 minutes will burn 137 calories. Have a 15-minute break? Find a stair case and set your phone alarm to alert you when 15 minutes have passed.

2. Work on the lawn. Pull weeds for 17 minutes, rake leaves for 20 minutes, or dig dirt for 16 minutes.

3. Calisthenics. Spending 15 minutes doing some light bodyweight squats, lunges, jumping jacks, get-ups and knee-ins will burn about 137 calories.

4. Go for a walk. A 150-pound person will burn approximately 117 calories by walking at a four mph speed for 20 minutes. Step in place if you do not have a great area to walk outdoors. Try walking in place while you watch your favorite television show!

5. Grab the vacuum. Vacuuming your home or office for 28 minutes will burn 100 calories. This is a great way to sneak in some extra exercise.