Our body is a fantastic machine!
Every day it is bombarded with toxins. The good news is that our organs – such as the liver, kidneys, and skin – are naturally designed to detox on their own if they are healthy. It’s what we do daily that matters, not once in a while.
Here five easy habits for a daily mini detox:
1.Lemon water
Beginning your day with warm lemon water is a fantastic aid for digestion. Doing so supports your overall detoxification process, as it stimulates your digestion for the entire day and helps flush the body of toxins.
2. Dry brushing
Here is a pro-tip from Dermatologist @drmonikawimmershoff:
Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells, it stimulates the lymphatic system, unclogs pores, and can relieve stress. As a result, the skin breathes better.
Use a natural brush with sisal bristles about three times a week. Start gently to get your skin used to it. In the beginning, the skin may become a little red, but that is quite normal; mornings for five minutes are best.
Start with firm pressure applied in circular movements on the soles of your feet. Go further – from your legs, moving towards your heart – with line-like strokes on your lymphatic system.
Do the same from your hands and up your arms in the direction of your shoulders. Then, carefully brush your stomach and chest in circular movements, followed by your back (use a long handle brush to do this). After brushing, go directly to the shower and apply high-quality body butter to your skin.
Enjoy your soft skin!
3. Breathe Deeply
Breathing is the primary source of life-sustaining oxygen. The ideal breath engages not just the chest but the abdominal muscles as well. Ideally, you will become aware of how you breathe throughout the day, but taking 15-20 minutes daily to do some deep breathing can also help.
4. Quiet time
Make 20 minutes of some quiet time for yourself each day; be intentional about it.
5.Plenty of water
Adequate fluid intake is imperative for removing toxins from the body. Consuming half your body weight in ounces is a reasonable rule of thumb.