Before leaving home each day, I have a mental checklist of everything I need:
🔑 Keys
💵 Wallet
📱 Phone
💦 Water bottle
That’s right, water bottle!
My reusable water bottle is just as essential to me as my wallet or key.
Do you use one too?
If not, you should consider switching to a reusable bottle. It’s an easy change that you can make to help the environment AND your health.
Here five more reasons why you should ditch the plastic bottle:
1️⃣ You’ll help the environment
Every minute, people are buying one million disposable plastic bottles globally. Keep in mind that it takes plastic over 400 years to degrade – imagine the mountains and mountains of bottles.
2️⃣ You’ll feel healthier.
Disposable plastic bottles contain the toxic industrial chemical BPA, which can leach into the water, especially when the plastic is heated. (Same for reusable bottles if they don’t have the label BPA free.)
BPA has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and early puberty.
Interestingly, the EU, Canada, China, and Malaysia already restrict its use.
3️⃣ You’ll look better
A disposable bottle is a great way to track your water intake. When you fill it up in the mornings, you’ll know when to refill it in the afternoon. It’s easy to forget the number of plastic bottles you dispose of every day.
To determine your daily needs, use the formula: Divide your weight in ounces by two.
Staying hydrated supports your weight loss goals and younger-looking skin.
4️⃣ You’ll save money
This one is a no-brainer – filtered tap water is way cheaper than buying bottles.
5️⃣ You can use it for other beverages.
A reusable bottle isn’t just good for water. You can use it for other beverages and add some flavor to it or for adult beverages at the beach party.
Stainless steel keeps not only your water cold but also your coffee or tea hot. Bring your home-brewed coffee to work, then wash out the bottle and fill it up with cold water. It’s so efficient!