Have you tried the first half of the year to look good for summer? Keep up your good habits because once you start a vacation from your healthy lifestyle, the lost weight will creep up on you in no time. You don’t need to keep up a rigorous workout or diet routine but make it a point to stay active and don’t overindulge with every meal.

Otherwise it’s going to be even more difficult to lose the weight for next summer.

Here four common reasons for summer weight gain and how to prevent it:

? Cookouts: They are lots of fun but the food can be very unhealthy. Bring a healthy side dish and fill half of your plate with it. Skip the dessert if you already have a sweet drink.

? Being on the road: That can be tricky because there are often limited choices. One option is to bring your own food, like chicken, nuts, fresh fruit and veggies. Another one is to look for the healthier choices at fast food chains, like a spinach salad at Subways.

? It’s hot: If the heat bothers you, try to be more active in the mornings or evenings. Join a gym and try out a new class, most gyms offer summer specials. Or switch it up and go to the local pool.

? Sleep cycle: Summer nights are long, and mornings start early because the birds are chirping with sunrise. Your body will gain weight if doesn’t get enough sleep. Make sure to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Go to bed with sunset or use black out sheets in the a.m.’s